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The Trollies were a smash hit in the early 1990’s, being relaunched now, due to popular demand. The three Trollies videos are Trollies Radio Sing-Along, Trollie Musical Adventure and Trollies Christmas Sing-Along. The Trollies Sing-Along received two Emmy Awards and the Christmas Sing-Along aired on television on Fox, nationally. All three videos are also available with music CDs or downloads.

Check out the wonderful, adorable Trollie characters – Rock’n’ Troll, Olaf the Oaf, Cherry Trollie, Trollie Triplettes, Roly Poly Trollie, Squiggles Trollie, Trollie Paw Pets, Trixie Trollie, Toady Trollie and more. The Trollies did a national tour which was a resounding success. Hair and Shoulders above the rest!!

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