The Nashville Country Singers

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The Nashville Country Singers have been releasing albums together since 1962 when the introduced themselves with the album – Country and Western Top Hits of ’62, with many other albums they released after such as, The Nashville Country Singers Sing the Hits of Glen Campbell and Eddie Arnold, Country and Western Gold Mine, I’m A Truck, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.

Further , was the Hits of Johnny Cash, Top Country Hits of 1968, Country Gold, Top Country Hits, Hits of Nat King Cole & Hits of Frank Sinatra, Truck Driving Songs, The Lone Ranger, Glenn Walker & The Nashville Country Singers, Country Hits of ’70, Volume II, Top Country & Western Hits of 1964, Country & Western Top Hits, Volume 2, Al Goodman & His Orchestra & The Nashville Country Singers – Country & Western Songbook, Top Country & Western Hits of 1966, Sing The Hits of Jim Reeves & Elvis Presley, Top Country & Western Hits of 1963, Hits of ’69 Volume II, Country & Western Hits Volume XII, Truck Stop, Top Hit’s of ’69, Country & Western Hits of ’67, Rose Garden: Country Hits of ’71, You’ve Never Been This Way Before and Okie From Muskogee Eleven Roses.

Most of the albums were released on our very own Mountain Dew Records and the Lone Ranger on the Peter Pan Records label.

We are very proud of the long following of this group and plan further releases in the near future.