Peter Pan

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peter pan

As the 1970’s began, the Peter Pan Industries division was formed from parent company Synthetic Plastics, and the new wing started producing children’s recordings that were spoken-word stories and books with recordings.


These included Popeye, Casper, Peter and the Wolf (1971) and a record with two stories derived from the Flintstones television series (1972).


The latter was a tie-in to popular characters of the time would only be the first in a long, successful series of story records based on television shows, comics and movies.


The number of media tie-in titles would ultimately numbered in the dozens, including such super hero stories as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman of the comics, Star Trek, Six Million Dollar Man, and Kojak from television, and four of the Planet of the Apes movies. Several of the STAR TREK records were produced by Arthur Korb.