Ron Raffaelli

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Ron Raffaelli was born in Hollywood California in 1943 and graduated with honors from the prestigious Art Center School of Design in 1967. He began his career as a independent photographer, producing album covers for MGM and Warner Brothers, along with shooting many artist’s publicity photographs. He maintained his own studio on the Famous Melrose Avenue for 25 years. At that time, as far as Ron knew, he was the only photographer
who had his own sophisticated dark room, where he created, printed and produced all his work. All of Ron’s concepts were done before the “age of computers”, which still warrants him today as “The Darkroom Magician” throughout the industry.

In 1968, Ron was chosen by Jimi Hendrix to become his personal photographer and accompany him on what would be his last U.S. Tour. Jimi chose Ron out of 36 photographers who interviewed and showed their portfolios. Jimi and Ron became close friends, and Jimi’s trust in Ron allowed Ron to have free reign in photographing Jimi and The Experience. Ron maintains an archive of approximately 2500 images of Jimi and The Experience. Becoming Jimi Hendrix’s photographer opened many doors for Ron, and he went on to shoot some of the most important groups and artists of The Classic Rock Era. He produced approximately 50 Rock Posters, 45 Album Covers and Numerous Tour Books, which were sold at concerts and merchandised world wide. Ron had the opportunity to shoot on stage with Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Blind Faith, Led Zeppelin and Neil Diamond.

He shot some of the most iconic artists of that period including: Eric Clapton, Jim Morrison and The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Credence Clearwater Revival, Eric Burton and War, Mick Jagger, Sly and The Family Stone, Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane, and dozens more which you can review on his “Credit List”.
Ron’s career includes many other produced works, including advertising, digital design, fine art erotica and his most recent portfolio of Agriculture Photography all shot in Central California.

A number of Ron’s iconic works have received great honors. One of his advertising works is displayed in the Smithsonian. The Album he shot and produced for the group “Free” is in the top 100 Album Covers of all time. A Video Interview of Ron is on exhibit at the newly opened American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) in Baltimore. Included in this exhibit are a few of Ron’s Hendrix Works. A documentary series on Ron’s career is currently in development,
and two books are on schedule to be published in early 2017. Both books will be coordinated with Gallery Exhibits. For inquiries and information on Ron Raffaelli’s photography, images and upcoming projects, please contact his business and creative partner, Cheryl Watkins at The Ron Raffaelli Collection.

Ron is available for appearances, interviews and endorsements. For editorial licensing information, please email